We talk to Rob Horton, Managing Director about why outsourcing can help your dealership manage operations in an optimal way and reduce costs.

“We work with many premium car brands so we appreciate the importance of quality and prestige – and the need to control this. Our service standards and training of our teams are of the highest quality and at First Class Valet we focus on what we do best – manage driveways, so you can focus on your core business. In 2020 alone we moved 117,312 cars at various sites, many were at car dealerships.” said Rob

We believe that outsourcing the function of moving cars not only improves customer experience it ultimately saves resources for your dealership – for the long-term.

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose outsourcing:

Cost efficiencies
We develop, plan and execute the ultimate operational plan to manage car movements at your site, along with managing car deliveries, the loan car fleet, shuttle services, test drives and the car repair centre. We minimise wastage and use flexibility so you are never overstaffed or paying for unnecessary overheads.

Your priority is selling cars, not parking
We take the control of car movements so you can focus on your core busines – selling and servicing cars. Outsourcing the less important business processes enables your staff to concentrate on strengthening and improving the activity that helps your business grow. We also are open to sharing our expert parking knowledge and up-to-date best industry practices.

We manage the driveways so you can focus on selling 

No need for you to worry about hiring, training or covid-safe practices.
Through the First Class Valet Academy we have a pool of trained staff ready to go. They have been trained to the highest standards using best practices, and we constantly update our team members on their skills. We provide supervision of all our teams and listen to client feedback. As we’re not too big we have time to listen and ensure we meet the brief.

Reporting and Data
We are the only organisation with a seamless valet parking technology in Australia that provides digital technology and real-time data that proves efficiencies are achieved. We work closely with our clients on providing reports with meaningful information. Combined with highly trained staff, every dealership we have been appointed to have had car damage incidents reduced due to our processes.

Our seamless technology provides timely data

In an ever-changing environment, it’s not easy to know when business will peak or lull. We provide a solution that is scalable and easy to adapt. If you have an event or car launch, we can provide quality service with short notice, or even help you plan for upcoming car releases. By taking advantage of the flexibility, the quality of customer experience can be maintained all year round.

Improved customer service

There’s no doubt when a potential customer receives exceptional service, they not only remember it they are more likely to engage with your business to make a purchase. At First Class Valet, we believe first impressions can make or break a sale so we spend a lot of time with our teams to ensure the high quality of service is delivered each and every time. When we hire staff, we make sure they love serving customers, it’s out absolute priority.

New hygiene protocol

We manage all covid-safe practices

To find our more contact Robert, robert@firstclassvalet.com.au