At any given time, First Class Valet have more than 100 attendants on our books and our focus is on ensuring every person we recruit has exemplary customer service skills ready to do the job for our clients. Recruiting the best people takes time, and it’s no mean feat as we spend hours on this part of our business. We recruit for talent and career prospects, not just for spots we need to fill short-term.

Over the years we have discovered what makes a great valet attendant. Training does help immensely but the basis of what’s makes a great team member is the foundation of our recruitment process. Based on this experience here are our top 10 attributes of a fabulous valet attendant:

1. They love customers (and people)
Being front of house and often creating first impressions it is crucial attendants love customers and all that comes with serving them to the highest standard. As businesses we are often relying on them to create good impressions at the start and end of their experience.

2. They are reliable
It’s a job where you have to show up and be onsite otherwise it causes much angst to operations. We make sure everyone has good references for reliability.

3. They can solve problems
It’s not just parking cars, this is a logistical operation! Having the know-how to address problems quickly helps maintain the level of service customers and clients expect.

4. Flexible and adaptable
Anyone who works in customer services knows no one day is the same but that’s why they love it! Many situations present themselves every day so an attendant must be flexible. Our attendants often work across multiple sites so they need to be adaptable to different places and scenarios. At our First Class Valet we focus on operational competency making sure students graduate knowing what they may face in a day.

5. They are organised
When dealing with cars, customers and everything in between, an attendant must be organised to follow processes so the customer experiences efficient service.

6. They have a positive attitude
The old adage, “Service with a smile” still rings true. Customers want to be greeted by a happy and positive people.

7. They care about cars
At some of our sites, more than 200 car movements can happen in a day. An attendant who has good judgement on risk and understands how difficult the claims process is will move cars carefully. Being able to drive lots of different types of vehicles with minimum fuss is definitely a pre-requisite. That’s why for all our clients we’ve managed to reduce claims significantly.

8. They are team players
Whether it’s working with other team members or working with multiple other colleagues in a front of house situation, the individual is only as good as the team. In busy situations it’s increasingly important attendants know how to work effectively in a team.

9. They like being active
The job of a valet can be hard on the body; long hours, physical work and lots of walking. We make sure our recruits know this is an active job and they’re up for the challenge.

10. They see this as more than just a job
We make sure we are not just filling spots, we strongly believe being a valet attendant can be a career and that’s why we invest heavily in finding the best people. We look for people looking for a long term career in our industry

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