In a recent Seek survey looking in to 2021 trends of ‘work perks’,  it found that 52% of respondents believe companies providing carparking for their teams was considered a standard ‘work perk’, and an expectation of their employment.

With many more people driving to work to avoid public transport due to health concerns, providing adequate and safe parking for employees is very much back on the agenda. Companies are also focused on health and well-being of employees and as the economy recovers many employers want to be seen as a highly-rated employer with ‘happy’ employees to attract new talent and retain loyalty of existing teams.

74% of respondents also said a company car would be considered a genuine ‘work perk’ so now organisations need to re-think remuneration packages to enhance employee engagement. One in four people cited they would reduce their salary for a company car and flexible working arrangements.

69% said they would be more happier if provided with ‘work perks’.

Companies are looking at innovative ways to provide employee parking

As a result of COVID-19, flexible working has become the new norm for Australian employees with many companies shifting to remote working with only a few days in the office.  This has increased the number of people driving to the office as it is suddenly affordable as less days are spent driving resulting in petrol and parking costs being reduced.

Many employers have encouraged their teams to drive to work to lessen their exposure to the public due to health concerns. It has made companies think about the amount of parking they provide at and near their offices, especially for shift workers or teams working longer days.

In a recent Australia-wide study conducted by YouGov Galaxy for Employment Hero, 29% of respondents said they would like employee petrol discounts added to their salary package.

At First Class Valet we work with office and commercial developments early on to outline potential efficient ways to provide employee carparking.

Maximising carparking space is imperative when real estate is expensive

The service proposition often is operational and design, as the goal is to park as many cars in an area as possible to provide a greater number of spaces for employee parking. In both indoor and outdoor carparking, we have experience in increasing the number of cars within an area – this is our expertise.

Companies can provide valet parking services with drivers who park cars in such a way to maximise the space. It’s always surprising to see the efficiencies being maximised, and how to make the best use of expensive real estate to provide parking as an employee benefit. Our team are fully trained valet parking professionals that treat cars with impeccable care and respect, our efficient process also saves employees time and hassle.

Valet parking is a great way to start and end a working day!