First Class Valet has always held the licence for technology that seamlessly checks in cars for valet parking. It’s this technology that sets us apart from other providers. However, since Covid has hit there has been increased consumer demand to create less touchpoints (literally!) when it comes to customer experience. Our technology allows for paperless tickets, simple scans and digital records of vehicle condition – without the need to paper. And boy, there’s nothing worse than losing your paper ticket!

Our one stop customer service tool, our customer’s phone, is the tool for instant communication and service. Our valet parking customers just have to click a browser link on that was sent to them on their phones, and their cars can be ready for pick-up, and the accuracy is second to none. It also enables our clients to have reports on hand that provide data on vehicle tracking & location, time and durations of visits and the ability to create a database to be used for customer marketing and feedback. The insights that the data provides have never been seen before in Australia. Our car dealership clients especially like to make sure their potential customers have the ultimate 5-star service experience when they are thinking about purchasing a new car. This is where the technology is key. Their customers no longer have to guess or wait for their car to be returned to them, their expectations are met by a seamless transition and farewell from the dealership. A great last experience is given, wanting customers to return for more of the same.

When valet customers check in they provide their phone numbers which allows the valet team to generate a SMS ticket sent directly to their phone immediately. A car condition report is captured instantly and stored on the cloud. Total check in time take less than two minutes and customers can enter where they want to go with ease, and knowing their car is being looked after. The main motivation to use valet parking is to save time and hassle for the customer, and encourage their return. So the seamless check-in and check out process is imperative to that experience. Our teams aim to create a friendly, professional, convenient and relaxing experience for customers.

When the customer wants to return to their vehicle they simple text, and we text back when their vehicle is ready and waiting. Receipts and paperwork are quickly cross checked and the customer departs with an exceptional experience. For our clients with brands they exude a high level of service proposition, our First Class Valet service needs to match both the clients and customer’s experience.

Robert Horton, Managing Director of First Class Valet says “Our technology comes standard with our contracted valet parking services, it’s the best in the business and allows for operational efficiency on all levels. We also offer our technology as a standalone product to organisations who run their own valet parking. It’s technology that easy to use, creates better customer satisfaction and we offer training support.”

Furthermore, all the data is stored digitally in a cloud so it’s a useful tool to analyse consumer behaviour, create net promoter score benchmarks and to facilities lead generation programs. For high volume settings, accurate data on visitation, vehicle incidents and revenue is important for accessing a valet parking offering for a business. Not only that, but with pre-existing damage being captured and stored, not only does this help mitigate false claims, but also ensures the valet’s are accountable in ensuring all vehicles are returned the same way they arrived.

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