“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”

For years companies have been talking about the positive impact on good customer experience – and the disastrous effects of bad reviews!  Think about it like this, a potential customer who is going to spend up to $100,000 on a new car expects a certain level of customer service. Their view on the brand starts on the driveway of your dealership.

From experience, our programs have decreased driveway labour hours 21% all whilst increasing service check-ins by 24%! However, what’s really impressive is achieving these operational achievements, all while improving the dealerships net promoter scores! Customer retention is the goal, and we think we have a winning formula.

“Most great car companies invest heavily in the design, build and look of their car dealership, it’s always a reflection of their brand and prestige. To maintain this quality, car dealerships need to match their brand values with the customer experience delivered. This is why we work with car dealerships across the country to make the first impressions count from a service point of view – it all contributes to the sales process,” said Rob Horton, Managing Director of First Class Valet.

Having high quality processes to deliver good service is key. We carefully map every touchpoint as a customer enters a dealership and we make sure at every point, exceptional customer service is delivered in a safe and impressionable way.  We’ve been doing this for many years, by offering:

  • Technology that ensures every car can be located easily and quickly.
  • Key management which ensures every vehicle key is accounted for.
  • Documenting damage control which lowers your claims costs immensely.
  • Improving NPS scores and CX value for all our clients through thorough training of our team.

We are also the set of eyes that are external to your organisation, ensuring we deliver by presenting sound data and reporting that verifies the effectiveness of your program. We are not afraid to make recommendations to improve your business, and we provide added value by providing a peripheral point of view when it comes to your business.  The data we collect and monthly reports delivered, will allow your team to make conscious decisions that will impact the profitability of your dealership.

One of the most time consuming activities is training teams, and we take care of it all – plus HR management, super, insurance etc and all of those time-consuming administration tasks that come with managing teams.

At our First Class Valet Academy, we train all our team members to the highest standards using best practices, and we constantly update our team members on their skills.

We provide supervision of all our teams and listen to client feedback, we are hands on when it comes to making improvements.  Our Managing Director Robert, works directly with teams and is able to make decisions quickly.

We have found that if you make a customer feel special, by giving them a personalised service, it will create a strong brand affinity to your business. It’s actually a simple thing, but often difficult for your teams to deliver if they have competing priorities. Customer service and experience delivery is our speciality – and it’s surprisingly affordable and flexible for your business.

For our long tenure customers they have found the delivery of fantastic customer service has delivered long-term results by cementing customer loyalty and retention.

Hear from one of our satisfied customers…