Now offering short courses and bespoke training programs


Since 2014, First Class Valet have invested in its business to bring Australians the very best in valet parking, concierge and parking services. Using Australia’s only ticketless valet parking system, the company has delivered thousands of memorable moments to shoppers across Australia. Robert Horton, Founder of First Class Valet, says it’s time they take on a new challenge… and that’s training the next generation of valet attendants and professionals.

In a time of high unemployment particularly for young people, we have brought forward our plans to launch First Class Valet Academy – which offers exclusive short training courses to give participants the skills to either start or broaden their career in valet, and secure employment in a growing industry.

There are also short training courses available for organisations who have a valet team and want to re-train them with the basic fundamentals of valet parking, or refresh their knowledge in this ever changing economy. It’s a great team building activity too!

For the shopping centre industry, courses are developed to be customised to an organisations needs and portfolio, and delivered in-house. The advantages of in-house training include tailoring content that is specific to the needs of the business. It is also a great team building opportunity to motivate teams needing to rejuvenate their passion for their jobs in these uncertain times.

It’s heart-breaking to see young people with limited employment opportunities so we want to play our part in up-skilling and placing graduates in fulfilling employment. We work across many industries and we have team members that make valet their long-term career. We’ve made the cost affordable so we can get as many people qualified as we can, and raise the industry standard.

Every Australian has had their experience with parking and a professional valet or parking attendant can make every customers lives better.

Group attending academy

Training is motivating and team building

Valet is a perfect choice for people who enjoy working in active operations, who have an affinity for cars and perhaps, most important of all, have an appreciation for good manners and first class customer service.

Our National Director, Lesley-Ann Horton who works directly with our clients says:

“We strongly believe Professional service is such an important part of any business – it’s more important than ever and sets businesses apart. For our client’s competitive edge, we can also provide trained, professional teams. Most importantly, we partner the formal training with the right customer focussed mindset to provide labour hire which is reliable and impressive.”

Full First Class Valet team

At all our sites our teams are full-trained and qualified

We’re really proud of our recent graduates and we believe as a company we need to sustain these employment opportunities.

Recent graduate Dom Fedele said

“I didn’t realise so much went into valet parking. The training course is full of practical skills and the facilitator makes the content very interesting. Considering valet was new to me, I graduated feeling confident to jump straight in to a job.”

Academy Graduates are awarded with an Introductory Valet certification from the First Class Academy. After just eight hours they will be confident to start their paid career once they qualify. A two-day Masterclass course is also on offer with extra practical modules and scenarios.If you love customers and cars, valet parking is a great career for you

Since First Class Valet established in 2014, we have been offering flexible labour hire for companies, and now any client using First Class Valet team members know they have the best training the industry can offer. It’s been a popular choice in these changing times, when staff levels are difficult to predict, you can call upon our team to deliver so you can maintain your service standards.

Perhaps it’s the solution you need at Christmas! Pick from our various offerings of hands-free shopping, contactless pick up and delivery services, as well as pop up valet for busy periods.

One of our latest projects is helping customers get to their cars at a centre undergoing a major redevelopment – in golf carts. No matter what brief comes our way, we can deliver first class service to your customers…