We partner with car dealerships around Australia to provide effective and efficient service. They trust our teams to move hundreds of cars each day because that’s our speciality.  We provide fully-trained teams and operational plans that facilitate better customer experiences for everyone.

“If you don’t look at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car”

Australians do love cars – fact. It’s logical, our country is vast and we need to get from A to B, but we do have love our cars for so many more reasons. Brands, functionality, status, preference and the list goes on.

Need proof? Based on ABS statistics Australians have purchased more than 1 million new cars since 2011, even last year where there was a sales dip of 7.8 per cent we STILL purchased 1,062,867 new cars.

At First Class Valet we love cars too. So it’s not surprising one of our biggest clients is the car dealership industry. Traditionally we have been providing the most premium service to facilitate test drives and car picks ups. We offer a fully-trained team who deliver excellent service each and every time. Our contracts are flexible to cater for peak sales periods or specials events.

Like most businesses in this COVID-19 period we’ve had to pivot many parts of our business. So working together with our car dealerships we have been delivering service to provide.

Picture of a BMW steering wheel

“Complimentary pick-up and drop off” for all car services, partnered with enhanced cleaning and sanitisation protocol the process provides a convenience and safe option for customers.

Dealerships are suffering because people are scared to bring their cars in for service. This service brings the revenue to the doorsteps of the dealership and ensures that part of the business is maximised during this challenging period.

The pick up and drop off process is safe, contactless, sanitised operations, putting the customers mind at ease but driving revenue to the actual dealership.

First Class Valet provide the fully trained and professional team to deliver this seamless service, while technicians and mechanics can focus on servicing the vehicles.

New hygiene protocol

All our team members have completed the COVID-19 infection control training – we have existing protocols in place to ensure your customers have the guarantee of the highest standards of hygiene and social distancing.

Operationally, this is how it works:

  • Most jobs would consist of our driver taking a loan car to the customers address, picking up the customers car, delivering the car to the dealership. Other jobs would involve delivering a finished car back to the customer and then taking an uber back to the dealership. 
  • Our driver would get the address and paperwork from the dealership regarding the drop off or pick up. 
  • The driver would take the loan car to the customers location. When the customer receives the car, the driver sprays and wipes the car down in front of the customer.
  • The driver would then receive the keys from the customer regarding the customers vehicle. Again, the driver would wipe and spray down the customers car but also put down protective covering on the seat and floor in front of the customer.
  • The driver arrives with mask and gloves on along with their cleaning kit.
  • The driver would fill out any paperwork needed to complete the job or use apps like “Dealer drive” or other technology to check in/out loan cars.

Man entering car outside BMW Sydney

First Class Valet can offer car dealerships the opportunity to employ First Class Valet team members on an hourly basis or longer term, with full flexibility to cater for the peak periods. Each contract will be bespoke based on the needs of the specific dealership.