At First Class Valet we have a team of service-orientated people, and we don’t see it as a fleeting job or something you do to just pay the bills. We strongly believe that the best people that work in customer service have pride in the fact it is their career choice, and a choice that they love. There’s no question, if someone loves what they do they will excel in that job. So after many years of hiring and managing service professionals we’ve come up with the top 5 reasons why being in customer service is a long-term career choice. Here they are:

Everyone loves service
In every element of life, if you experience good service you tell your friends and family. The fact is humans love good service from other humans, and no amount of technology will ever replace that. The human connection of offering a service or help is one that here to stay. So if you’re a people person, being at the forefront of customer service will make your super happy, especially if you’re making others happy every day. So your guaranteed at least a few thank yous everyday, or with that comes a lot of satisfaction.

You can work in many industries
As service operations are found in most industries, having a career in service delivery can open up opportunities in so many industries, and if you love to explore, in many countries. Some of our best valet professionals have had experience in other industries but their skills (and smiles) are always transferrable. With that, it comes with some flexibility of what role you might choose depending on your preferences.

It’s the core focus of business right now
The emphasis on customer experience at the heart of many organisations has seen an upward trend for at least the past decade. So if you’re the person delivery service at your organisation, you can bet that’s it’s an important role and one that has a lot of focus on – which means you have direct influence on the success and performance of the organisation.

Customer service offers variety
If you speak to any professional in the industry, they love it because no one day is the same as another. It offers variety and an interesting environment where you are always problem solving. Customer service also is a combination of many skills to delivery performance including use of technology, communication skills, operational excellence and problem solving techniques.

It’s a people industry
2020 and 2021 has quite possibly been the toughest year for any ‘people person’. However, we know in the recovery people have come back to restaurants, bars, shops and places to go in earnest. Therefore, the assumption that a lot of us like people is right. If you choose a career in customer service, and you’re a ‘people person’ who might feel like you never work a day in your life because it’s so enjoyable.

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