There is no doubt the pandemic influenced Australian economic landscape has shifted to make businesses think about their operations, cost models and efficiencies.

There’s nothing like a massive disruption that makes us shift our thinking rapidly and how we address the changing desires of our customers and clients. Two years ago, we never thought we would be training in covid-safe operations nor making our valet services contactless whilst maintaining the highest quality of service possible.

In valet parking, we don’t talk about the flexible workforce in the way we currently know it. We can’t work from home, the kitchen table or from a satellite office because people need to physically drive the cars and attend to customers. However, we can create an entirely flexible workforce in the sense we can tailor to changing demands and service models very easily. Many of our First Class Valet clients use our teams and service because we are flexible. Hotels, car dealerships and shopping centres find it increasingly difficult to mobilise workforces to cater for changing demands, and right now changing demands have reached a new level of fluctuating demand. Hotels for example, have had to scale up and down greatly to cater for travel restrictions that are open and free one month, and non-existence the next month.

That’s where First Class Valet can help as we have teams on hand that are trained and ready to go at any given time, and they are all versed on the highest level of hygiene practices in the industry.

It also comes down the finding the right staff, at First Class Valet we spend a lot of time recruiting and finding the personnel suited to valet parking.  The pandemic has caused a shortage of labour which is surprising but also an affect of the changing population landscape of Australia – in the short-term at least.

In a recent June 2021 report, more than a quarter (27 per cent) of Australian businesses are having difficulty finding suitable staff, according to survey results released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). ABS Head of Industry Statistics, John Shepherd, said the latest Business Conditions and Sentiments Survey, conducted from 9 to 16 June, showed there were several reasons why employers were struggling to find suitable staff to fill jobs.

The report outlined, “The most frequently reported reason was a lack of applicants (74 per cent), followed by applicants not having the required skills (66 per cent), international border closures (32 per cent) and job location (29 per cent).”

The word ‘outsourcing’ used to not go hand in hand with creating a high performing team but as the landscape shifts, outsourcing can be a company’s competitive edge. We find that our clients find more success using our valet parking and concierge services, so they can focus on their core competencies which could be selling cars, marketing their hotel or getting more shoppers to visit. Our expertise is valet parking operations and car park management, so why not leave it to us as the experts?

If your business needs a solution to cater for increased demand we have a team ready-to-go and who have been trained at the First Class Valet Academy. Our services include:

  • Flexible labour hire
  • Customer service and concierge solutions
  • Pop-up valet
  • Fully trained teams that can hit the ground running
  • Hassle free onboarding and training
  • Temporary teams to supplement existing teams.
  • Dedicated operational leaders to ensure smooth integration