The most successful companies invest heavily in customer experience. Analysing every touch point in a customer’s journey is critically important. In fact, research from PwC shows that 32% of customers will walk away from a brand they love after a single bad experience. Read our blog to discover 20 reasons why customer experience counts…

  1. First impressions count: Customers will size up experience in just a few seconds, and that few seconds influences their purchasing behaviour immediately.
  2. Businesses indicate they compete solely on customer experience: A recent Gartner survey says 81% of companies say they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX.
  3. Customer experience drives revenue: Companies with a customer experience mindset drives revenue 4-8% higher.
  4. Customers matter: Today’s customer have more power than ever before with their control of reviews, ratings and feedback.
  5. Customers are less loyal: Consumers can switch brands, products and services far more easily. By providing a good experience they are likely to be a return customers.
  6. Frontline staff have impact: A good impression makes people feel good, and people buy from people. Having the right people in front of customers is vital. That’s why we ensure all First Class Valet team members are full-trained before any customer interaction.
  7. Customers share good experiences: By nature, people like to share good news, so if they have a great experience they are more likely to share it.
  8. Consumers rely on reviews: Before purchasing more than 70% of customers will look for other consumer’s feedback and reviews to help them make a decision.
  9. Focussing on the customer is a good strategy: Defining who your customer is and what motivates them is a smart business strategy for any business. Business and industries differ so at First Class Valet we have specialist knowledge and teams at different locations from car dealerships, to shopping centres to events.
  10. Experience is the new frontier: As products and services and even brands become more consistent on quality what defines a company from their competitors is experience.
  11. Net Promoter® and NPS® are key performance indicators: The best companies in the world measure their success as key metrics for performance and in turn their teams are motivated by these scores.
  12. CX runs through all areas of a discipline: There is no one department or discipline who shouldn’t be focussed on the end game – the customer.
  13. A high quality customer experience makes customers spend more: According to a PWC study 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.
  14. People buy from people: The old adage rings true in most industries where the focus on the people if why customer buy or come back.
  15. Customers need to feel important: Consumers have more choice than ever before and they want to feel like they are valued. If their experience is great they’ll come back. Valet parking makes customers feel ‘special’ especially in everyday settings when they don’t expect it such as restaurants, shopping centres and hospitals.
  16. Customers are our reputation: Happy customers build a better reputation and with user generated content in their hands we want customers in our favour.
  17. Marketing spend is less when customers are our advocate: If customers are loyal and choose your company, you have to spend less marketing dollars getting new customers.
  18. Knowing your customer deeply makes your marketing efforts work harder: Having a strategy that appeals to your target audience makes your marketing efforts work better.
  19. Good customer service motivates employees: If the team can see the results they can be part of the success, and feel more motivated.
  20. Culture begins with good experience: If you treat your customers well you’re more likely to treat all stakeholders in the same positive way, including your team, suppliers and partners. Therefore making a better place to work.

At First Class Valet every interaction is focussed on delivering the optimal customer experience through our people and processes. To learn more about our valet parking and concierge services contact us today.

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